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Re: "Grimm" NEW Episode Tonight!

So I can't say I am surprised this is not a large thread. The series is finally over and I have to say WHAT A WASTE OF A GOOD IDEA!.

I don't know if the overall concept was flawed or if the world of TV made it flawed, but where ever they wanted to go with this story they did a poor job of getting there. There are some decent standalone episodes, but the show wanted to do an overall arc and they did a poor job of achieving it. I will also say that it didn't help that I found the hero, Nick, to be a bit of a bore and I couldn't stand Adeline and Juliet - especially Juliet. I felt that Juliet (Bitsie (Elizabeth) Tulloch) must have been blackmailing the Executive Producers so they were forced to keep coming up with ways to keep her on the show. Adeline grew less annoying with time, but her story didn't. This show had WAY too many "Jump The Shark" moments and I think they suffered for it. Thankfully they did a fairly decent job pulling it all together and making a somewhat self-reflectively funny Final Season to close things out. Unfortunately there was a real gem of an idea at the foundation of this show that was lost pretty early on and never recovered. I only stuck with the whole series because my mother and aunt were watching it as well and it gave us something to rant about.


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Would I ever watch Grimm again? No
Would I ever watch an episode if it was on in a room I walked into? Yes, if it was one I recognized as being okay.
Would I recommend Grimm to anyone? Not a chance.
Would I watch anything done by the same people who did Grimm? Actors Yes - Creators probably not.
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