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Re: Marcus???

Hi there, Looney. Those are some interesting thoughts on Marcus Cole.

Rangers kind of struck me as being undercover ops, yes. And they are the intelligence network for our "good guys", so I'd say your observations are spot-on.

One thing I'd add, however is: always remember that characters in B5 are not necessarily the epitome of perfection types. I see Marcus as a trained and excellent Ranger, but a flawed and in many ways broken man. So inconsistencies could be considered from a perspective of how close or far from his ideal he is behaving. He was a very conflicted man, I would imagine this would lead to a very conflicted Ranger. But he always knew what action was required to get the result he wanted. So, if he was a clown, it was the Shakespearean type. Where the Clown is the smartest guy in the room.
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