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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

Originally Posted by dawnchild View Post
Originally Posted by Markas View Post
Nice seeing some old-timers around the place.
*waves to Markas* long time no see
Hello my dear Dawnchild. It's been an age and a half! I feel like you've been under Z'ha'dum or something.

Originally Posted by Sinclair View Post
It's starting to feel more and more like a reunion! I hope more start popping up.

Where you at Recoil?

Hello, Lyta?

Solaris, did you grow up?

GKar'sEye, you returned briefly, are you still alive?

Alas, questions that may never be answered...
I am in regularish contact with Lyta. Maybe I'll poke her, so to speak.

I stayed in touch with Solaris for a time after he left but it's been ages. I think he was 17 years old when last we corresponded. His last post was January 5, 2005. He's nearly 30 now.

Originally Posted by Kraig View Post
Whatever happened to Jade Jaguar?
Ah the names swirl in memory, don't they? I have no idea. I do see Sindatur from time to time over at TrekBBS. He still uses an owl avatar even there.

Originally Posted by RW7427 View Post
Oh Booji don't tell me there's two of Markas now!
Hmm, perhaps I should dust off my old Booji avatar for my alter-ego.
"As far as bright ideas go, this is right up there with having my gums extracted." - Michael Garibaldi
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