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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

Just popped in after a long abscence.. and am sad to see you are considering shutting down the forum If there was a little more activity here (what about f.ex fun RP in the B5 world?) I would come here more often, I remember with fondness the activity-level we had 14-15 years ago when I joined, but in the last years when I have intermittently stopped by things have been pretty 'dead' except for a few active Babbleon threads.

I too think B5 will get a 'rebirth' some day and new members will look for places like this, so if possible I would like it to 'stay open', also because it has great history and is one of the very few remaining active B5 member-interaction sites left on the Internet, but if the cost is too great and the work with a view to the amount of active members too taxing, I understand if 'it is soon time to go beyond the rim'.
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