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Re: Thoughts on the Great Eye

Funnily enough, I always thought the great eye mirrored the great machine on epsilon 3 perfectly. Maybe the Vorlons had their own as well.

I would have loved to have seen this scenario made into a B5 movie back in the day. The Eye and everything going on at Z'Ha'Dum had the potential to be a very very scary piece of cinema.

Where might an eye be installed? What about Earth after the great burn? The surface was scorched (like a certain other planet). What if the Eye started out with quite noble intentions (don't forget lorien lived on z'ha'dum) but was corrupted, and if this is the case could someone build an eye on let's say Minbar, only for it to become a weapon for the enemy in the future? Sheridan's appearence on the balcony on minbar in the last but one episode certainly hinted at the possibility that dark times might be ahead for minbar (Chris Franke's musical cue at that moment when sheridan peers out atand looks at the cityscape in front of him echoed Z'ha'dum/The Shadows).
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