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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

It seems that a lot of people are saying, "Gosh, I'd miss it... but not a lot." With the exception of Jan's appeal for archiving the discussions, I haven't seen anyone actively campaigning to keep the site up and running. Nor have I seen anyone volunteer to help out with keeping it running, if it requires labor.

Now, we're hardly a quorum of all users, but the simple fact that nobody else has chimed in for the last two weeks tells us something. Since they have always been the most (hyper)active, the Babbleonians might have something to say about the proposed closure... but who knows if the rest of us would understand it?

It may be premature to call for a consensus, but what I'm seeing in this thread is general support for a farewell tour and then a good ending, hazard to navigation or not.

Markas is the admin and Anthony is the owner, though. I've just been around a long time.
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