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Re: Is it time to go beyond the rim?

It seems I have returned, by pure chance, at an opportune time.

It's true that the forum has long since served its intended purpose. Just about all the B5-specific news we'll get will be more deaths "in the family" as still more of the cast go to the sea...

On the other hand, I'm re-watching the show with my beloved, and marveling at its continued relevance. With some stories, there's still more to talk about, even many years after the last tale is told. I think B5 will stand that test of time, as long as there are some of us who remember it and occasionally lead others to it. I'd love to relay my partner's feedback/theories to my fellow fans -- Adrian's quite a shrewd guesser sometimes, and other times comes up with wildly-off-yet-still-logical theories, too. It's fun to see the story through fresh eyes.

(Over at io9, where I do not join the discussion but still read the comments sometimes, there was a "favorite quote from science fiction?" thread recently, and quite a few were from the old show. Vir's most famous line/wave, mostly, but also many others more politically-oriented. In fact, a link on that thread was what led me back here, after all this time.)

Let me say this. If B5TV is to go beyond the rim, let us have a farewell tour first, as Sheridan did. Pick a date and announce it. Put out an all-call. Give us time to reconvene and reminisce for a bit, to catch up and renew acquaintances. Then, at the appointed hour, let the forum fade into the black. ...Or, if the catching-up was sufficiently fruitful, we could give a stay of execution. But I would expect the black.
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