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Re: Lookin for Crusade Other Voices

I don't blame you, Crusade was building up to some very cool stuff. It really all goes back to the B5 episode 'Infection,' the first one filmed, that goes into the idea that space-faring races have been exterminated all over the galaxy, worlds pulverized and left barren, repeatedly over the eons; the ongoing hunt for leftover tech in the ruins they left behind; and the mysterious Earth company IPX. As the comics and books reveal, IPX had close and cozy ties with Psi Corps going back a century. Before long, one realizes that Psi Corps had access to Shadow tech and Vorlon tech, and the telepathic skills and traits to make it work for them. The destruction of Psi Corps was a bit of a setback, but not the end of the world.

And, of course, Earth’s obsession with the Minbari War, which is a very deep wound in humanity’s collective psyche.

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