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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
You're deliberately mis-reading or misunderstanding. Show me exactly where JMS ever said anything of the sort. Because he didn't.
Deliberately?! Interesting viewpoint.

OK. I can accept the possibility that I’m misinterpreting what is quoted in the 1999 article which indicates he wasn’t interesting in working to notes in the first five episodes.

"They went over the first five episodes and tried to give notes on those," he said. "They were on one side of the table, and I was on the other side. They went to turn the notes over and I said, 'No. No to the first, no to the second, no to them all.'

"They're used to doing in-house productions, so when the word 'no' was used, they had to have someone come in to explain it to them."
I’m also open to what jms asserted, that the article writer just got it wrong, and the above meeting refers to what happened at the end rather than the beginning, and mentioning 5 scripts is just an accident. And I’m equally open to the suggestion I’m again misinterpreting what appears on the moderated newsgroups two years later which seem to confirm the above when jms says -

which is where I decided, "Fuck it, fuck TNT, fuck the notes, I'm just gonna go back to what I was doing for the first 5 and write what I want."
I’ve seen posts where jms indicates that the first five scripts were - in fact – more or less left alone.

Some succeed more than others; but all would have been better *without* the kind of interference we received, the day to day battles, the war of attrition, the confusing and contradictory notes, and so on. That's why 101-105 are overall the best episodes, because they were troubled the least by outside forces.

The issue seems to be not that TNT was sending notes, but that after the first five scripts it became relentless, overwhelming with all kinds of stupid and contradictory shit going on…. His posts indicate he was given notes in the first five scripts, but he then went on to ignore them, wrote what he wanted and TNT didn’t do anything about it… hence the least troubled by outside forces.…. It was only after he’d done that that TNT suddenly went into overdrive. They ONLY began to act like tits after he’d started it by ignoring what they were suggesting in the first five…… Do you see where I’m coming from in this?

Over on that article , even the TNT Senior vice president of marketing, Scot Safon, indicates the way jms was responding was the issue. By ignoring every note….. ie those in the first five scripts!

“"I don't think it was the nature of Joe's deal with us that he would consider all input and agree to none of it," Safon said. "The actual execution was the flash point here. The creator and the network had fundamentally different expectations in not only what the end product would be, but what the process would be."
It was childish and petty, but TNT only began the overkill in notes AFTER jms had refused to play ball with the first five scripts. jms has a few times talked about how the first five had the minimum interference - and that, when taken in the larger context, really does seem to mean, they sent a few notes, he ignored them, TNT didn’t say anything…… and this is one of these conversations that’s going to go round and round in circles, isn’t it.

You want to view each jms post, or statement, in isolation, and take what is said literally. But when you take a step back, put a few of them together, take into consideration what others said, a slightly different picture is revealed…. Or at least a different interpretation is possible, and that’s what I’m doing. Is it wrong – is it correct. Bugger knows.

Anyway. It’s just an opinion shared in an existing thread on a discussion forum. I’ve shown why I have the opinion. You disagree. Though getting jms to join in was a new twist… Fair enough. It’s no biggie.
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