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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
So in jmsís own explanation Ė like the article - he points out he ignored the notes on the FIRST FIVE scripts, and wrote what he wanted.
Search a little further. You'll find the post where he talks about the biggest flurry of notes starting after the first five episodes.

So just to be clear about where Iím coming from, so to speak. jms had STARTED Crusade, ie the first five scripts, with the decision that he was going to ignore the notes from the studio. He only returned to the ďFuck emĒ attitude towards the end. Regardless of what he just typed.
You're deliberately mis-reading or misunderstanding. Show me exactly where JMS ever said anything of the sort. Because he didn't.

As stated, go back and actually do some research. As JMS said, it's all public record. There were some notes (and I'm going by memory here) during the first five and those came from one of the TNT offices (Los Angeles, I think). Then, after the first five were shot, TNT Atlanta got involved and that's when production was shut down for the new sets and uniforms. Ah: Found it:

Though saying that. While you have the clown here, Jan, watching this discussion (Iím assuming thatís a term of endearment btw!), and youíre obviously in contact with him. Can you ask him to clarify his various statements about any new B5 project has to include him or it doesnít happenÖ.. Iíve always wondered exactly what he meant by that, and how it might possibly impact on things like the Lost Tales and other stuff..
Nope. Ask him yourself. I quit taking requests for questions about 15 years ago. And I don't consider details of his contracts to be any of my business.

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