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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Originally Posted by JonFrain View Post
It's certainly not a coincidence that Joe has left projects due to creative differences.

Jeremiah - actually improved the story by speeding things up
Red Mars
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future
(World War Z - movies often have multiple writers so this isn't uncommon. but he was apparently much more faithful to the book and TBTB didn't want that)

I'd say it's a fair statement that he is difficult to work with from a studio/network point of view.
What have you heard about 'Red Mars'? I've only heard that JMS passed on it - that it was the second show-runner who left because of creative differences.

As for him being difficult to work with...

The work, and the quality of the work, is what ultimately makes
the difference, if you're willing to stay with it and if the qualitiy
is, in fact, there. I'm an annoying person; I'm a perfectionist; I'm
cranky and far from politic. By all rights I should be hard-core
unemployable; I've always been this way. And I've always worked.
Because when the moment comes to put black marks down on a white sheet
of paper...I do it fairly well.

Mongoose came across as very sketchy, didn't they infer that JMS approved their books at one point, but they were probably barely holding on.
Their claim was that the novels would be 100% canon. In a podcast he also seemed to indicate that JMS was involved. I don't have a link to the podcast any longer but JMS responded to questions about what Sprange said here.

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