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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

It's certainly not a coincidence that Joe has left projects due to creative differences.

Jeremiah - actually improved the story by speeding things up
Red Mars
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future
(World War Z - movies often have multiple writers so this isn't uncommon. but he was apparently much more faithful to the book and TBTB didn't want that)

I'd say it's a fair statement that he is difficult to work with from a studio/network point of view. In many cases it's probably a situation where the people hiring him didn't communicate clearly or listen to him. Or they assumed they'd be able to push him in the direction they wanted. He's seen what network meddling often does to a product and probably doesn't want his name attached anymore.

I believe Joe's side of the TNT situation. He still turned in subpar scripts, did some miscasting and made a poor choice for the composer. The special effects team wasn't really up to par at that point. I wasn't really impressed with the unfilmed scripts either to be honest. But if they actual asked for a female cast member to be raped, well damn how can you defend TNT. In retrospect, Crusade was a terrible fit all around for TNT. And the quality of the product produced was pretty embarrassing. Although the quality of LOTR was even worse.

I have a hard time believing that JMS had anything to do with the Sierra game being shut down. Games get shut down all the time and Sierra was a mess. B5 wasn't a major commodity either.

Mongoose came across as very sketchy, didn't they infer that JMS approved their books at one point, but they were probably barely holding on.

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