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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Never understood why you seem to think that JMS refused to look at the notes - given that he's published some of them. The fact that he was in a meeting and refused their attempt to review the notes with him one at a time doesn't indicate that he'd never seen them.
Semantics, and arguable, and doesn’t invalid the point. He was digging his heals in, refusing to even discuss the notes for the first five episodes provided by those who were forking out millions to make the thing. Now you can say that was courageous or even ethically the right thing to do. But if you stick both your fingers up both nostrils of those who are paying for stuff, you can’t act surprised and hurt if they take a deep breath and blow.

The issue with Mongoose was hardly just about the Crusade scripts. It was also about the poor quality of the proposed novels that were written. After an initial kerfuffel over the scripts, JMS did review some of the manuscripts and declared them unprofessionally done and that he could/would not endorse them. Having seen three of them, I agree with him wholeheartedly. Two were unreadable dreck and one might have been salvaged with a decent editor.
Yeahhh welll, again its debatable. Preventing them from seeing the early designs of the new ships for TLT– the sort of reason they pay for a licence – wasn’t cool either way. Though remembering the whole mess, jms looked very much like he was lashing out over money more than anything else. (WB and the German DVD boxset release) Bringing it out into the public forum was decidedly most uncool and looked like one of those examples of him wanting the local fan base on the newsgroup to react….. and quite a few did…. It was shameful, especially as jms didn’t respond when Mongoose tried to contact him, and when Sprange was eventually forced to go on the newsgroup, they, and you if I recall correctly, tried to rip him a new one…. Weren’t you the one who initially brought the book thing to jms’s attention to begin with.

First I've seen of this. Proof, please?
Off the record unfortunately on that one. Though not from one of the contributors to B5Scrolls this time. Spoken to a few folk connected with the game now….. I’m trying to remember what it was referred to (it was a few years ago)…. It was something like the I’m taking over this project email….. It was quite famous / notorious. If you ever get the chance to talk with someone who worked on the game, ask about it.
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