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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Warner Bros. Home Video division were the ones who put the money up for The Lost Tales – as mentioned in the interview with John Copeland.

jms has unequivocally said on more than one occasion if there’s any new Babylon 5 produced it has to include him or it doesn’t happen. This seems to be partially held up by the fact that even though they wanted to produce more, the Lost Tales came to an end after jms declared he wasn’t going to do any more.

TNT pulled the plug on Crusade due to a combination of it not being the “action based drama” they were led to believe it would be, and jms’s absolute refusal to even view any of the early notes which they had sent. – as highlighted in a 1999 article which included input from both jms and Scot Safon (TNT’s senior vice president for marketing).

"They went over the first five episodes and tried to give notes on those," he said. "They were on one side of the table, and I was on the other side. They went to turn the notes over and I said, 'No. No to the first, no to the second, no to them all.'
jms takes, what sometimes seems to be great joy, in pointing out how stupid studios are. After not receiving any notes from Warner after season 2, it does look a bit like he took a very arrogant stance when it came to TNT…… He knew best, they didn’t…….. That was a fight he was never going to win.

Mongoose, the last of the known licensees (I don’t know what the status of B5Books is), decided to drop that licence after jms publicly ripped into them for planning to use a couple of unfilmed Crusade scripts as books – after first checking with Warner who gave permission. Behind the scenes Straczynski then went on to cut Mongoose out the loop when the Lost Tales came out, refusing to let them see ship designs or put flyers in the DVD cases – as mentioned during the interview with Matt Sprange.

After Crusade got cancelled, jms contacted Sierra and announced that he was going to be much more closely involved with the development of the PC game, even though it was almost completed – and had just survived the recent cull of projects at Sierra.….. One of the things jms wanted to do was to completely change the game format…….. It’s probably just a coincidence, but shortly after this Sierra cancelled the game after a multi-million and three year investment.
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