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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

For me, Season 5 is mostly a huge miss until Phoenix Rising. I do think that the first half could have improved had Claudia remained and taken Lyta's role in the telepath arc. But the telepaths being portrayed as mostly hippy(can't think of a better description) cultists wasn't really consistent with what we've seen in the past. They reminded me too much of the vampires from the Lost Boys. The didn't come across as believable and it hurt that entire arc. I think the cult of personality leader was unnecessary and reduced the impact of their sacrifice as they weren't believable human beings.

Lochley really wasn't a great addition and her connection to Sheridan was forced and overly coincidental. I find it interesting that the only episode of the series and Crusade where I actually like Lochley, and Tracy's acting, was the one written by Neil Gaiman.

I had major issues with Lennier's actions near the end of the series. I know Joe stood and probably stands by them, but they seemed WAAAAY out of character for him.

The Londo/G'Kar arcs are what save the season as a whole for me. But as with the rest of the season, it wasn't implemented quite as impact-fully as I was hoping. The series finale was amazing and truly stands out, but then again it was filmed with Season 4 where JMS was close to his peak.

The empire building portion was definitely a drag on the pacing of the season as well.
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