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Re: JMS' Viewing Order

Originally Posted by blackcoatcowboy View Post

J Michael Straczynski's Order
1. Racing the Night (103)
2. The Needs of Earth (101)
3. The Memory of War (102)
4. The Long Road (107)
5. Visitors from Down the Street (104)
6. The Well of Forever (106)
7. Each Night I Dream of Home (105)
8. Patterns of the Soul (110)
9. The Path of Sorrows (109)
10. Ruling from the Tomb (111)
11. The Rules of the Game (112)
12. War Zone (108)
13. Appearances and Other Deceits (113)
I registered just to weigh in on this... this watch order is garbage, and watching this particular order ruined Crusade for me. After watching B5 multiple times over the past 20 or so years, seeing Crusade for the first time watching this order was highly unsatisfying at best, totally confusing at worst. How can War Zone come in as the penultimate episode when it sets up the entire premise of the show? This is just WRONG! After finally watching the penultimate episode here and seeing what should have been the first episode made me really angry. I don't know what your sources are, but how can the first episode (108 War Zone) be so far down the list, it makes no sense.

To ANYONE coming to Crusade for the first time, please ignore this JMS watch order...

This to me, seems the correct order...

War Zone (chronologically takes place immediately after "A Call to Arms.")
Racing the Night
The Needs of Earth
The Memory of War
The Long Road
Visitors from Down the Street
The Well of Forever
Each Night I Dream of Home
Patterns of the Soul
The Path of Sorrows
Ruling from the Tomb
The Rules of the Game
Appearances and Other Deceits

...taken from this post.
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