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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

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I never asked for evidence about PTEN issues, I was shocked at the time that they were able to get past them and make a deal with TNT for Season 5. I was on eh newsgroups before they voted for a moderated one and followed things quite closely.

I was asking for evidence that internal WB issues would actually prevent WB from working with Big Finish, as WB was able to make plenty of other deals after PTEN dissolved. I think it's more likely that WB has B5 on the shelf at the moment, especially with Joe continuing to try to get a movie done which doesn't involve them at all.
Ah, sorry for misunderstanding what you were asking for. I have seen JMS make a few statements about Warners encouraging its different departments to compete with each other rather than work together (might have been when that chap from the DVD/Blu-Ray department came out speaking about remastering the series for Blu-Ray?) but either way, it doesn't make sense to me. If they have a property that could make them a bit of money out of merchandising, then why not? If they really view JMS as competing against them now with his movie, does that mean the movie will work against JMS and the fans, rather than opening the door to getting more stuff out there? I hope not I'm banking on the movie being a runaway success and facilitating the release of Blu-Rays of the series!
The biggest infighting I remember was regarding the WB network not having any interest in saving B5. There was much talk about how the division running the network had no real ties to that which owned the B5 property. On paper it seemed like a perfect match.

There could be a dozen or more reasons why WB would turn down licensing. And I don't totally discount issues within WB. Maybe they are simply of the feeling that the property needs to hibernate and eventually get a reboot ala BSG.

I'm not holding my breath on a B5 movie, especially after statements that he has to build the reputation of his studio before trying to get it funded. Farscape was supposed to get a continuation and a script writer was hired, but then that went nowhere as Brian Henson was unable to find funding.

It's unfortunate that both amazing shows have such niche audiences these days.
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