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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I'm sorry. However, my response was provoked by your original comment that was talking down to me, and came across as pretty dismissive of the points I was trying to make. Hence why it might seem to me that you dismiss critique.
Wait a minute - what *are* you talking about?? I talked down to you? Why didn't I notice it? Please don't read anything into what I say other than what I actually say, okay? I'm really very direct.

One of JMS' dilemmas at the beginning of season 5 was finding enough material to fill it, having wrapped up the major plotlines in season 4. So when you say that there wasn't enough time in the season to include the points I mentioned, which we both know wasn't the case because there was plenty of time in the show for JMS to include whatever he wanted, it does therefore feel that you're saying my criticism of the episodes is irrelevant.
See above about reading things into what I say. Now wrote:
We don't see Sheridan and company learning that maybe using telepaths to spy on people is ethically dubious.
We saw that Sheridan was reluctant to do it and allowed himself to be talked into it by Garibaldi. We saw that he knew it was ethically dubious and that it turned out badly. Personally, I have no desire to see him doing a regret scene.

And then...we'd seen our protagonists act in ethically dubious manners several times. Wasn't using Lyta to scan the Centauri who'd captured Vir also dubious? Wasn't the way Garibaldi snooped into people's finances and pasts ethically dubious? That's my point. They're fictional but they're just human.

We don't see Lochley learning that maybe working with Bester isn't such a good idea after all.
We already saw that she knew it was a bad idea before she did it. Her log entry talking about ending up with "a lot of dead people on the deck" is something people complain about regularly. I don't need to see her tell herself (or be told) that she'd told herself it would turn out badly.

My comment about the number of episodes and number of minutes meant exactly that. I may be reading too much into what you've written but it seems that your impression might be that there was more pre-planning than there actually was. JMS wrote one episode at a time and while you think there was a problem filling time, I don't think that's the case. I don't know if you preferred arc-heavy episodes at all times and didn't like the off-format episodes? But given that those more experimental episodes had been set aside in some cases from the fourth season, they were stories that JMS did want to tell during the five-year arc and weren't filler.

Either JMS didn't think that the things I mentioned needed to be in the show, or it didn't occur to him to include them. Either way, I'd hoped it was a valid topic for a bit of discussion, but perhaps not.

I'd enjoyed writing these reviews about season 5 until today. I'd put a bit of effort into them in the hope of sparking some discussion on the message board. I feel less enthused to carry on now.

For what it's worth, I do think season 5 is worthwhile and does deserve a second chance from viewers who had dismissed it.
Discussion often includes disagreement. That kind of goes with the territory. I don't accept that anything I've said or done has any bearing on your enjoyment or lack thereof in writing the reviews. I've enjoyed seeing them. But if you're going to post, you need to be prepared for people to not agree - sometimes bluntly. Sorry if that bothers you.
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