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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post

Not exactly sure where all that came from but it couldn't have been in response to what I posted. You perceive faults. I don't. But I never - ever - said anything about there being a problem with critiquing the show. I simply see what we got as more realistic than you do and I personally prefer what we got than what you say you would have liked to see.

That's all, nothing more.
I'm sorry. However, my response was provoked by your original comment that was talking down to me, and came across as pretty dismissive of the points I was trying to make. Hence why it might seem to me that you dismiss critique.

One of JMS' dilemmas at the beginning of season 5 was finding enough material to fill it, having wrapped up the major plotlines in season 4. So when you say that there wasn't enough time in the season to include the points I mentioned, which we both know wasn't the case because there was plenty of time in the show for JMS to include whatever he wanted, it does therefore feel that you're saying my criticism of the episodes is irrelevant.

Either JMS didn't think that the things I mentioned needed to be in the show, or it didn't occur to him to include them. Either way, I'd hoped it was a valid topic for a bit of discussion, but perhaps not.

I'd enjoyed writing these reviews about season 5 until today. I'd put a bit of effort into them in the hope of sparking some discussion on the message board. I feel less enthused to carry on now.

For what it's worth, I do think season 5 is worthwhile and does deserve a second chance from viewers who had dismissed it.

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