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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
That feels like it's just deliberately ignoring the show's (perceived) faults. I feel it *is* okay to criticise the show and JMS' writing; doing so is not a betrayal of the show or of JMS. It's the stature and esteem that the show is held in that makes critiquing it worthwhile and helps us better understand the story and the characters. And different people will have different critiques and not everyone will share the same ones, but it's the discussion that helps illuminate the different ways that we view the show. Trying to avoid criticising the show is doing it a disservice.
Not exactly sure where all that came from but it couldn't have been in response to what I posted. You perceive faults. I don't. But I never - ever - said anything about there being a problem with critiquing the show. I simply see what we got as more realistic than you do and I personally prefer what we got than what you say you would have liked to see.

That's all, nothing more.
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