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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

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My understanding is that it is related to WB having many different competing branches. B5 was part of the PTEN branch and the show was produced independently of the WB studio (by Joe & Doug's studio); there is probably no branch in WB left to support it.
PTEN dissolved before season 5 was even filmed. There was quite a bit of merchandising after that occurred, as well as spinoffs. I'd have to see something concrete to believe your premise. Things dried up after JMS stopped playing ball with them. They know that as long as he's alive, fans won't accept anything he doesn't approve of and it's already a niche product as it is.
JMS has regularly spoken about the infighting between departments at WB. Here's a statement he made at a convention in 2013: (Click on the 'why isn't B5 available in reruns' question)

To quote from what JMS says... "[PTEN] that was outside of Warner Bros. Television. Warner Bros. Television is like the big TV shows and the sitcoms and the Law & Orders and all that kind of stuff. And these [PTEN] executives said, “We want to make television, too. We’re part of Warner Bros. Domestic Distribution, we want to have shows”. And these guys [Warner Bros. Television] hated those guys [PTEN]. “It’ our job to create television, not your job. You’re just syndicated, you just set things up. What the hell do you think you’re doing?” And that enmity was there from Day 1 and persisted for the entire run of the show which is why all of the PTEN shows were kind of bastard children to Warner Bros. Television, particularly us because we did well which really pissed off the guys [at Warner Bros. Television]."
That doesn't explain why they had no issue making Crusade, LOTR or the Lost Tales as well as licensing an RPG, miniatures, ...

There's nothing that explains why those things occurred but something like Big Finish can't. I think the most logical answer is that it's not worth the trouble to WB as if they don't include JMS it won't succeed. And if they include him, things run less smoothly from their side of things. They just want to make money and not spend any more time/money than the bare minimum.
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