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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

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I wonder if their telekinetic abilities were originally created by the Vorlons? Maybe it was the knowledge that theyd been manipulated by the Vorlons that pushed them to side with the Shadows? It would have been an interesting counterpoint to play with this idea later in the season, comparing the Drakh to the reaction of Byron when he discovered telepaths had been created by the Vorlons. It would have been a nice way to unify the two halves of the season.
Hm that's an interesting thought. The Drakh are a bit underdeveloped. Joe had a funny line in his script books saying he "created skeletor [from He-Man] as a species"

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The music really wasnt this intrusive in previous seasons; imdb says the editor for this episode was Kathie Burr, who only became editor in season 5, so Im guessing its her choice?
The way the music worked in the show was that JMS would sit with Chris Franke and "spot" the episode - marking exactly where Joe wanted music and how long it would last and of what type (sad, fast, funny, etc.), and then Chris would compose it.

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Though you do wonder, given the attitude of the different ambassadors Brakiri, Drazi etc whether they wanted the Alliance in the first place, as they dont seem to want it to work.
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