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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Mororless View Post
Originally Posted by Springer
Season 5 also seems to be plagued by slow-motion fight scenes that look really, really, really terrible and there’s another one this episode. Director David Eagle ain’t John Woo. I can’t tell if these slow motion fights are a deliberate but ill-advised style, or just trying to cover up crappy fight choreography, which I’ve never felt B5 was very good at.
B5 was never on the level of a high end Hong Kong actioner but I actually felt that a lot of the previous fight choreography could be pretty good, at least relative to Trek of the same era. The Narn and Centauri especially I think had some well done stuff with a strong sense of physicality to it that again I think Trek often lacked.
Actually you're right, and I'll take back some of what I said. Some of the smaller punch ups on the show were pretty good – Garibaldi and Sinclair vs the alien thugs in Survivors, Sinclair vs Neroon (always loved that Sinclair beat Neroon*), TKO, Marcus vs Neroon, G'Kar vs the Narn in Acts of Sacrifice. I just felt that a lot of the large riot scenes weren't filmed very well, for example the riots in The Long Twilight Struggle and Thirdspace, you see lots of punches that are nowhere near landing, and they looked a bit fake – but I was ok with that, it was a TV show shot on a weekly schedule, I accepted that simply for reasons of time and budget not everything was going to be perfect.

The slow-mo fights in season 5 though, in my opinion, just look a bit rubbish and I just wondered why they chose to do them like that. That's why I mentioned John Woo, as he's kind of the master of slow-mo fights.

* Sinclair may have been the most accomplished fighter on the show – I think it was in the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows where he surprises the Minbari by being adept at the pike, I think because he was trained with the staff while he was learning under the Jesuits. Would have loved to have seen a Sinclair vs Neroon fight using the pikes, bet he wouldn't have been battered like Marcus was. Sinclair was awesome :-)
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