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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

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Even if the character doesn't acknowledge their flaws (and I maintain these particular flaws are out of character for the way those characters behaved in earlier seasons) the *story* must acknowledge them. Let the viewers decide if they are right or wrong, fine, but at least present it as a dilemma.
I disagree that the story needs to be that explicit. It wasn't a dilemma to Sheridan at the time; but it ended up spinning out of his control. That is the story showing consequences.
Having now watched In the Kingdom of the Blind, I'm still unhappy with the ethical stance of Sheridan and company over this. Sure, using the telepaths backfired on them, but they seem more chagrined at being caught out by the black mail, rather than the ethical considerations of whether using telepaths to spy on people is an appropriate thing to do. The show has just presented that whole notion as though there's nothing ethically wrong about it and that viewers shouldn't think twice about it and that's what's wrong with it. Maybe it's because in the 21st century, after Snowden, we're a little more keyed up on notions of privacy, but I'd like to think ethical considerations of privacy weren't too much different in the 1990s or, indeed, in 2262.

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