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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by JoeD80 View Post
I disagree that the story needs to be that explicit. It wasn't a dilemma to Sheridan at the time; but it ended up spinning out of his control. That is the story showing consequences.
You may be right, but I'll reply to this once I've watched In the Kingdom of the Blind/Tragedy of Telepaths/Phoenix Rising and I've been able to refresh my memory of what happens!

Next up: Day of the Dead

Another episode that I enjoyed more than I remembered. Like The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari, it's a character exploration piece. Interestingly, despite all the returning characters, it was Lochley's experience with her dead friend - a new character - that was most engaging. It's the first time we've seen some vulnerability in her, and it definitely helps to round her character out and soften the edges - it's another step on the way to establishing her character as someone we should care about. There was also a degree more pathos to her story and to Tracy Scoggins' acting than we might have got had it been Ivanova in her place. It's the first time I've really been able to say, yep, the story definitely benefitted from having Lochley there instead of Ivanova.

It's a shame Marcus didn't come back to see Lennier Marcus may have been able to help Lennier avoid his fate. Morden felt a bit wasted - he just muttered a few ominous things and read his newspaper. It was good to see Dodger and Adira one last time (and it's nice to see the show still referencing things from season 1).

I did like the ambiguity of the story were the dead really coming back, or were our characters hallucinating? It reminded me of some of the very early X-Files when some of the stories were ambiguous, was Mulder's supernatural explanation right, or was Scully's more scientific, sceptical version the truth? Except the message from Kosh breaks that ambiguity with an unsubtle sledgehammer, since it implies it must have been real. That was a disappointing little detail.

As in previous episodes, we see more of one of the species from the League of Non Aligned Worlds (I guess the League doesn't exist at such anymore, replaced by the Alliance, but you know what I mean), this time the Brakiri. I'm really digging the exploration of some of the alien cultures that perhaps were just window dressing in previous seasons. (I'll ignore the fact that there being only one comet in the Brakiri system is patently nonsense). Other bits I liked were Garibaldi sleeping with a PPG beneath his pillow, Corwin trying the hat trick in C&C, and G'Kar coming to C&C to sleep and his realisation that he missed something special afterwards. I can take or leave Rebo and Zooty/Penn and Teller.

So that's three decent episodes in a row and the season is now on the up after a rocky start. Can it maintain the momentum?
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