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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

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I agree, and I like the characters making grey decisions, they are far more interesting that way. I do think there is a difference between grey decisions that might affect individuals, and grey decisions from people in a position of power that could affect billions. But my main criticism is that there is no acknowledgement that they are grey decisions. We don't see the characters weighing up these decisions, and indeed I feel they're making decisions that feel out of character.
Given how early it was in the season, JMS may have still been trending toward the idea of having the Alliance becoming - or verging on - tyranical. It's clear throughout the season that this is on the job training for Sheridan.

there was a moment in a later episode, when Sheridan arrives on minbar, walks over to the balcony to look out at the vista, and there is a musical nudge that he's been there before... almost a z'ha'dum moment. He's lookng out at something that may appear beautiful but might become something terrible.

The alliance started out with good intentions, but as we see in S4 when the White star fleet do a fly over of earthgov (with the same musical cue i believe) not everything is black and white. You do get the sense that what is being created is not necesserily a good thing.
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