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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

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The staging of scenes for example - why is no one screaming or panicking when the assassin tries to shoot Sheridan, or destroy the sanctuary with his Starfury?
'Cause the majority would be military or ambassadors and trained to not panic?

Perhaps these issues are a result of JMS losing his notes on the season at Wolf 359, though I find it hard to believe all of his notes were on little scraps of paper and not on a computer and would have affected the series that much.
The notes were on 3x5 inch cards because that's a visual way that JMS would plot out story beats and episodes. Why is that hard to believe - especially considering how comparatively primitive computers were in 1997? There was more done on legal pads and index cards back then for planning.

That was deliberate. At the time the episode was written, the part hadn't been cast. That's why she's not seen much in the first part of the season. It wasn't the same situation with Bruce/Sheridan.

Good point.

Iím also not a fan of the opening credits. Donít get me wrong, theyíre excellently put together, well edited, good music (even though the theme feels a little divorced from previous B5 themes). The lack of narration bothers me, since it is supposed to be a story told through the characters, but thereís also a focus on past glories, rather than whatís going to be great about season 5. Thatís a dangerous mindset to get into from a production point of view.
The season 5 credits are probably my favorite! And you're right about the focus on the past. It had to do two jobs - Naturally, it had to introduce the season but it also had to let the new TNT viewers know that there was a pretty epic story that they might not have seen just waiting for them on the TNT reruns. Remember, TNT was showing season 5 at the same time they 'stripped; the first four seasons of reruns daily.

Next up is the Very Long Night of Londo Mollari, an episode Iím quite looking forward to.
Love that episode! In fact I love most of the off-format episodes (as I'm sure I've said a million times here)

I would like to know if any of you are there Babylon 5 fans have noticed the wolf 359 coming up and other science fiction shows. I know that has come up in Star Trek and on Doctor Who and I know I seen it listen to other shows but cannot remember the names.
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