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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I should point out the aim of this re-watch isn't to deliberately bash season five - I'm genuinely trying to be objective about it since I love B5. There will be parts of it I like, and parts that I don't and if other people have different opinions, that's fine. But I do think that while there are extenuating circumstances to some of the off-colour things about the season, I do think we have to judge an episode based on what happens in those 43 minutes that are on-screen, regardless of which actress may have left or what notes were lost or how much the budget was cut by.
To an extent, you're absolutely right. But part of the point of JMS posting as much as he did was to tear the veil away so that viewers would understand more about how TV is really made.

BTW, hoping I didn't come across as adversarial - I was in a hurry when I posted.

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