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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Jan View Post

'Cause the majority would be military or ambassadors and trained to not panic?
Londo and G'Kar and Delenn - sure. But all the other dignitaries? Everyone just acted as though there'd been a minor skirmish, not an attempt on the life of the president!

The notes were on 3x5 inch cards because that's a visual way that JMS would plot out story beats and episodes. Why is that hard to believe - especially considering how comparatively primitive computers were in 1997? There was more done on legal pads and index cards back then for planning.
Fair enough - and I was at that convention by the way and if JMS had asked for all the convention goers to help search through the refuse for them, we'd have gladly done so!

That was deliberate. At the time the episode was written, the part hadn't been cast. That's why she's not seen much in the first part of the season. It wasn't the same situation with Bruce/Sheridan.
Yeah, but I don't think that's an excuse because Lochley already has scenes in this episode. If we can have scenes with Lochley arguing with Garibaldi, or meeting with Byron or whatever, then there could have been a scene where she figures out who the assassin is - especially as she'd worked with the assassin before, so that connection is already there. Why would JMS have needed to know who the actress was to write that part of the script, but not needed to know it would be Tracy Scoggins to write the other parts featuring Lochley?

The season 5 credits are probably my favorite! And you're right about the focus on the past. It had to do two jobs - Naturally, it had to introduce the season but it also had to let the new TNT viewers know that there was a pretty epic story that they might not have seen just waiting for them on the TNT reruns. Remember, TNT was showing season 5 at the same time they 'stripped; the first four seasons of reruns daily.
Certainly from an artistic point of view, they're fabulous. But the opening credits for each season set the tone for that season. Season five's didn't and it's quite noticeable to me watching it nearly 20 years later.

I should point out the aim of this re-watch isn't to deliberately bash season five - I'm genuinely trying to be objective about it since I love B5. There will be parts of it I like, and parts that I don't and if other people have different opinions, that's fine. But I do think that while there are extenuating circumstances to some of the off-colour things about the season, I do think we have to judge an episode based on what happens in those 43 minutes that are on-screen, regardless of which actress may have left or what notes were lost or how much the budget was cut by.
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