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Re: Who was the real star of the whole series?

Well, in the Psi Corps version of B5 that we glimpsed in The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father, Bester was certainly the star of that!

A spin-off just about the Psi Corps and telepaths, both good and bad, would have been pretty neat actually, exploring all the societal impacts of telepathy.

Originally Posted by Psi Cop View Post
Because normals hated telepaths and he stood up for his own kind though sometimes in slightly morally dubious ways
Did normals really hate telepaths, or were they just afraid of them and Psi Corps as an organisation? The onset of telepathy was a major change in human society and society was still trying to figure out the best way to deal with it. The Psi Corps didn't work, so as we saw in Crusade society was trying something else instead.

Bester had a very narrow-minded view of what it meant to stick up for telepaths!
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