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Re: Three opportunities to avoid the fire.....

I think the confusing thing about the prophecy is whether Londo can save himself just by succeeding on one of the counts besides the last one. It actually makes the most sense if you consider that he furfilled all three of the chances...

1.Save The Eye That Doesn't See - I don't think G'kars eye makes the best sense as he could see with it however I think G'kar himself makes more sense as after that point he has an eye that doesn't see and Londo does save him.

2.You Must not Kill the One WHo is Already Dead - Sheridan obviously makes most sense here and Londo does avoid killing him in the future we see in War Without End.

3.You Must Surrender To Your Greatest Fear Knowing It WIll Destroy You - This makes more sense as letting G'kar kill him in the same flash forward. Its his greatest fear because its the vision he's always had of his death that arguely had great influence on his fear of G'kar and the Narns but turns out to be the act of a friend helping him save his world.

If Londo needs to have failed the first two then you could shift it to G'kars eye but beyond not making as much sense really I'm not seeing that as a failure. Maybe a bit thoughtless not to think something that terrible would be done to him but certainly not a moral failiure as he didn't wish him harm. Morden being the one who is already dead does make a bit more sense as he is listed as dead and killing him out of revenge could be viewed as a moral failiure although I don't think destroying the shadows island was a moral failure and that was obviously what brought the Drak's vengeance.

As far as the wasted chances I would say the first would be ignoring Vir and asking for Mordens help in Coming of Shadows and the second perhaps using Morden to end the Narn war? unlike the first Narn shadow attack he knew full well what Mordens help would entail.

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