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Re: Three opportunities to avoid the fire.....

I actually do think the one who is already dead is meant to be Sheridan. I was just playing devil's advocate with Refa, as some people have suggested it meant him. I guess it depends on whether Lady Morella's three opportunities are about avoiding his fate, or redeeming himself. When he frees Sheridan and Delenn in War Without End, he can no longer avoid his fate, but he can redeem himself a little bit.

I'm not sure about it meaning Morden. Londo never knew who Morden really was anyway so wouldn't know about his legal status. And why would saving Morden help Londo?

The whole bit about Londo not being able to avoid his destiny of becoming emperor seems to go against JMS' ethos, which was that you always have a choice even when you don't think you do. Vir tried to tell Londo that, but he didn't listen.

I agree with you about the third opportunity - giving in to his fate as he saw in his dream. The 'eye' is the really puzzling one, I agree - I'd be interested to know what others think, or if JMS has said anything about it.
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