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Re: Three opportunities to avoid the fire.....

I have little trouble with the Londo will be Emperor certainty. You don't buy it cause you're assuming that Refa is the "Man who is already dead". I don't buy that. The poison would only kill him if the other half was given to him, which is basically the same as giving him a standard poison really. As long as he's not given it, then he's no more dead than anyone else.

The third opportunity is the one that is the least ambiguous of all. Londo's greatest fear is being killed by G'Kar. In the end he submits to it, knowing it will destroy him and thereby allows Vir to repair Centauri Prime. I assume no one disagrees with me on that one, right?

In which case, the "Fire that waits for you" is not Londo's death, but the continued destruction of Centauri Prime, etc.

As for the other two opportunities, I'd always assumed that Morden was the "Man who was already dead." Morden is legally dead. It's even pointed out in In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum. Sheridan also actually died but I don't know if he counts as dead. And the only time when Londo gets an opportunity to kill Sheridan is exactly the same time as the third opportunity, so I can't see how they could be considered separate.

"The Eye that could not see" is the real puzzle. I assumed it was G'kar's eye (It refused to see Cartagia's magnificence and was plucked out because Londo was too busy to hang around and try to save it). Why saving it is so important is a bit more of a mystery to me though.

The Eye (the relic) makes little sense as it was never mentioned again and I can't see JMS squandering a chance to show Londo screwing up by not saving it.
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