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Related to the motherships, I think, yes. I imagine it's a follow-up design, more of a military vessel, either for risky exploration missions (they already lost one ship on such a mission, along with its crew, in the short story 'Genius Loci' by JMS), or because Psi Corps knew they would go to war soon. The motherships seem to be logistical vessels to move the Corps' people around hyperspace without anyone observing. They travel off the hyperspace beacon routes, which is similar to how the Technomages travel, so they might come across a mothership now and then. They are also used to test new experimental systems, to see what kind of abilities telepaths can develop in hyperspace, where their talents are amplified. The 16 long pylons on the motherships (according to Mongoose) each contain a telepath. If they're all networked together, I would think they might be fitted with the Shadow tech wetweb gear we saw on Caroline the blip in 'Ship of Tears.' All of this leaves open the big question of just what new capabilities they have managed to develop? We saw Talia and the blips in 'A Race Through Dark Places' all hold hands and use their abilities together to trick Bester into thinking they were dead. We have not yet seen Psi Corps attempt such a feat, but it appears they have built specialized ships around this very idea. Perhaps they were built in case the Shadows decided to attack Earth. Many in the Corps leadership didn't trust the Shadows, and they might have wanted their own means to shut down their warships, and even their own former telepaths inside them.

Oddly, in one of the short stories, Lyta and G'kar find a mothership floating dead in space, and in another, Lyta and Garibaldi find a Cyclops floating dead in space. In 'Nautilus Coil,' the Cyclops seems to be waiting in orbit for Kevin Vacit and his Psi Cops to make it off the colony and get it running again. There's even an old Vorlon jumpgate in the area, which would probably take them someplace interesting.

There is some info in the Mongoose Psi Corps book on the seven motherships, but of course, not enough. Nothing on the Cyclops, anywhere, outside of 'The Nautilus Coil,' but we've all seen how JMS liked to introduce new ships gradually. That book also has some very cool descriptions of the Corps' black projects: telepath drugs, cyber implants, sleeper agents, the Ironheart experiment, and attempts to prolong the lives of powerful telepaths, or to keep them around and functioning in some fashion after they die. It really leaves the impression of a Frankenstein's lab mindset in Psi Corps' science division. Creepy stuff.

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