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Re: Good new article about B5

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Nice to see a good new article on B5 written by somebody who seems to know their stuff about the show (although wasn't the pilot always called The Gathering, not just the JMS cut?), and nice to see all the positive comments about the series at the bottom of the article too.
Yes, 'The Gathering' was always titled that. The new edit was called (iirc) the TNT Special Edition.

The writer seems a bit confused here, too:
Sleeping In Light was not originally intended as the season - or the series - finale. It was actually filmed at the end of season four. Since Straczynski wasn’t sure if there would be a fifth season, Sleeping In Light was meant to serve as either the fourth or fifth season finale.
Yes, it was definitely always supposed to be the series finale.

Nice article, thanks. Will read it more in depth later on.

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