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Re: Keep Calm and Take CONTROL

Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
I can see both sides.

If any of the old cast are in cameo roles I can easily see myself not being able to look at them as anything but their original character, but if they have a more substantial role where they can establish themselves as a new character I could probably look past it fairly quickly (assuming they did it well enough).

Of course, it's been 20 years, any returning cast probably won't have to try very hard to look like somebody new.
I would preffer all of nothing personally, cameo's are distracting because its more of a wink rather than a chance for an actor to play a role of depth.

I think that if JMS wanted a Londo like character involved Jurasik would actually still be able to play him. He was aged a bit via makeup in the original and really unlike the human characters I don't think Londo is naturally a "young" character, indeed quite the reverse.

As far as how effective Talia and Lyta were as characters I would say both had there strengths. Talia was IMHO more effective playing off of the Psi Corps as her relationship to them felt a lot deeper. Lyta on the other hand for me seemed to be more effective when playing off of the Vorlons/Shadows.
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