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Re: Keep Calm and Take CONTROL

Yes, the divorce was after she left B5 (I think like 1997). I too read that she wanted more screen time and JMS just couldn't give that to her.

You are absolutely right though, Thompson has been super supportive of the fans and B5. I know she did many comic-cons and saw she was at the 20th anniversary reunions with those folks, so things might be better than I thought. Plus, a lot of time has gone by.

I am glad to know that there are other B5 fans out there like you that feel the same. The fact that I constantly find posts similar to mine let's me know it annoyed other folks too. I think the character never had a chance to come to fruition and now with the main story arc done, won't in the old sense. However, new life could be given to Talia/Control. At this point, I will take a book/comic, whatever but the best, if she could come back in the new B5. One can only hope!

Side Note: Andrea Thompson was good in NYPD Blue as well.
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