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Re: EpDis: Conflicts Of Interest

Originally Posted by farid View Post
I'm the other way around, for some reason the Garibaldi plot resonates with me, while I think the Ivanova/Zathras scene is a bit silly and overplayed.
Same for me. The Garibaldi plot is one of the highlights of season 4. This episode especially - he goes all lone wolf, bit of action, longing for a woman he can't be with. If I can find fault with the Garibaldi plot in season 4, it's that the arc is truncated a bit towards the end. We see what sets him down this path, we see him doing things that he believes to be right, he finds out the truth, that he's being manipulated, and then we see him rescue Sheridan and help retake Mars, but those acts of redemption feel brushed over a bit, like everything is okay again, when it isn't (if Garibaldi hadn't set up Sheridan, Sheridan would have still been commanding the fleet, so would Ivanova ever have been injured?). In season 5 we see how Garibaldi struggles to deal with what happened to him, but that feels like it is after the fact.
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