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Re: Keep Calm and Take CONTROL

Originally Posted by marajade View Post
So (in the real world) I finally read some excerpts that JMS and the actress had a “falling out” back in the day and he would never “have the character show up in his universe again”. I know Andrea Thompson has since retired from acting and has taken up realty.
It wasn't a falling out as such, from what I understand.

Andrea Thompson wanted more screen time, but JMS wasn't willing to bend the story for her, so Thompson asked to leave to pursue other acting opportunities and JMS granted it. I don't know whether there were any plans to bring Talia back, but Andrea Thompson then got a regular role on NYPD Blue, and later became a news anchor so she might not have been available to come back anyway. I've never read JMS say Talia would never be mentioned in the story again, at least not out of spite - maybe out of practicalities if she was busy doing other things. Plus she was married to Jerry Doyle - were they in the process of getting divorced when she left, or was that after? That may have contributed to it a little, I don't know. But Andrea Thompson was at the 20th anniversary reunions with JMS and Jerry Doyle.

But I agree with you, I think we're in a minority amongst B5 fans but I really liked Talia's character and the actress more than Lyta (although in an ideal world they would have both stayed on the show).
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