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Keep Calm and Take CONTROL

Ok, I’m going to go on rant….don’t really care if I’m the only one that feels this way (especially about a short lived secondary character) but I finally binged watched B5 and absolutely loved it. I really was into the Psi Corp episodes especially! With that said, the Talia Winters story arc bugged me. I actually liked the character. She started out so docile, ended up receiving hard core Telekinetic and Telepathy super powers (i.e. embedding a penny into a wall and blocking Bester) and started becoming dis-enfranchised with the Psi Corp. Clearly building her character up for the role Lyta took over. Alas, though it was short lived. The character was built up for two years and was dropped, with me (as a viewer) scratching my head. Even though Lyta, took over the telepath arc, I LOVED the ice queen known as Control!! The actress did such a great job of portraying that character and brought a different countenance to Talia 2.0. So when 3rd season rolled around, I was thinking "a hard core character like that would be showing up again for sure"….nope, then season 4…..nope….lost hope on Season 5. I totally did not believe Bester when he said she was dissected, especially since personnel for Department Sigma (formerly Bureau 13) were marked as deceased anyway and Bester actually does care about “his” telepaths. Besides, it would be just plain stupid to takeaway a loyal psi corp teek.
So (in the real world) I finally read some excerpts that JMS and the actress had a “falling out” back in the day and he would never “have the character show up in his universe again”. I know Andrea Thompson has since retired from acting and has taken up realty.

With that said, looking forward to the new Babylon 5 in production, I am actually holding out false hope that he will create it around the Telepath War and am hoping that a whole 20 years later, let frickin’ by gones be by gones and if AT would be willing to go back into acting for one final bru-ha-ha to give the character a worthy send off.

Talia/Control could follow a whole other arc and be the dark side of power over Lyta’s power of light and give her a run for her money. A trained teek by the corp and with Control’s hate…were talking a mix of Sylar (Heroes - TK surgery) + Starkiller (Force Unleashed bringing whole ships down out of the air) + Nick Scryer (Psi-Ops – Mind Drain) + The Movie Chronicle with some TK flight and maybe sprinkled with some John Shepard (Mass Effect – singularity creation) = Telekinetic Bad @ssery! Not to mention her enhanced telepathy, along with her “stunning” personality. That would bring a new dimension to the Telepath War and go figure…put the characters amorphic fate to rest. The takeaway - She would mess folks up something horrible, especially her fighting alongside Bester. Talk about a tag team!!

The only way they could stop a powerhouse like that…would be maybe Kosh’s crystal? Who knows….I think there could be a lot to work with.

Okay, Okay I even read the Psi Corp trilogy (which I think is at least 90% canon) and her fate was left questionable there too. Where Garibaldi, with all of his $$ and resources, never really knew the fate of Talia or even found her.
Even though this is how it goes in the entertainment industry, as a viewer, it was hard to get invested in a character (and loved the Control twist), to see where it was going, just to drop it.
Any way…there is my rant…signing off and yes I feel better now! #bringbacktaliawinters #controlTKbad@$$
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