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Re: EpDis: A Race Through Dark Places

Originally Posted by Alioth View Post
Turns out the guy in Downbelow who first pointed Garibaldi to the conspirators in Chrysalis was a teep, and probably a very powerful one. Now given that he saw that informant as he was running to warn the command topside (he told Garibaldi that something was really scaring him), one wonders if he actually heard in his thoughts that "they are going to kill the President" (we know that, even when blocking the stray noise of others' thoughts their minds hear, that if the thought is particularly strong it's like a "shout" they can't ignore). He may have, and not shared them for fear of revealing his telepathic abilities. But then one wonders if he couldn't have just told Garibaldi that the guy told him this, rather than thought it. But even that might have ended up drawing more interest and attention to him, possibly endangering the whole Underground Railroad. He wanted to stay as far off the radar as possible, and didn't trust authority too much--and who can blame him really.

So, tough dilemma this guy may have had. Especially given that the beneficiary of this would-be coup, Clark, was the Psi Corps' political favorite and would likely make them stronger and more dangerous. If he read the paper and knew that, of course.
Although I always liked that that character was someone we'd seen before, I never considered the possibilities you raise here. I now wonder if that is in fact the implied meaning of that one character appearing in both those episodes.

I like this episode. I generally like all Psi Corps-related storylines, and I really like the underground railroad thing, the trick they pull on Bester, Talia's "conversion", the further development of Talia's relationship with Susan and all that. It is a shame that that Talia storyline ultimately didn't go any further. I'm sure it would have been fantastic. That is not to say the Lyta storyline isn't great too. Just that now you have two super duper powerful telepaths. Because of this storyline buildup, when I first watched I always vaguely expected Talia to make a return somehow. Obviously I wasn't following online discussions back then

I also really like Dr. Franklin's part in all this. He can be quite an ass at times, but if there's one thing you can say about him, it's that he REALLY stands by his principles, no matter the consequences.

List of things:
  • Are those military transports Ivanova mentions when she's briefing Sheridan at the start of the episode relevant to the storyline in some way I don't yet understand?
  • The telepath with Bester in the interrogation scene checks that man's vitals with some equipment. Can't she sense that he died? What about Bester being in his mind when he died? He doesn't find that as creepy as other telepaths because he's Bester?
  • I'm not sure why Talia is explaining to Bester that she wouldn't notice if he surface-scanned her ...
  • Why are those people staring at Delenn at the restaurant? I mean, sure, that's a nice dress and she's a half Minbari/half human something, but this is Babylon 5! Surely there is weirder stuff to be seen Also, we see in other episodes that some humans react negatively to Delenn's transformation because of the war and all that, but it doesn't seem to me like it would be immediately obvious to random humans that she is half human, or half Minbari, or whatever. She could be any kind of alien they've never seen before.
  • Is that bartender at Earhart's the same bartender who works at the casino? Or at some other bar in the Zocalo?
  • I like how Talia keeps us informed on the Ironheart backstory by thinking about it and talking to herself
  • Those keycards that open people's doors to their quarters seem unnecessarily large. This is a universe in which data is stored on little crystals and you communicate via a small bit of metal on your hand. Couldn't they have made keys more convenient?
  • Ivanova set off the sprinklers trying to get into her quarters? Not the ones inside her quarters, because there doesn't seem to be any water damage when she does get in ... in the hallway? It seems like that would be a bigger incident than we see ... although I guess she doesn't necessarily live anywhere near Sheridan's quarters so we don't see what sort of drama is going on on her hallway.
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