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Re: EpDis: A Distant Star

Originally Posted by Chilli View Post
The Cortez. Okay. They named a ship after Hernándo Cortez. What are its sister ships, the Hitler and the Genghis Khan?
This made me LOL. From the comments here and the text quoted from the Lurker's Guide, I can see that the ship was indeed supposed to be named after THAT Cortez, but I think I'm going to choose to believe that it was named for a fictional Cortez who perhaps did some early space exploration in the B5 universe

I like this episode. I like the Maynard character and I like Russ Tamblyn. The Cortez looks cool, and there's creepy Shadow vessel sightings. No one knows what they are and it's all very ominous. I also agree with other posters here that the music is great. What's not to like? Well, OK, maybe Sheridan's sudden grumpiness that has passed by the end of the episode.

List of things:
  • Are those fancy cowboy boots Maynard is wearing EarthForce regulation?
  • Swapping delegations because of complaints about the Pakmara... Are the Abbai going to be OK with having to move quarters because of someone else's silly complaint? That might not be the easy solution it seems to be.
  • When Zeta Squadron leaves to rescue the Cortez, both Sheridan and Ivanova make some comment about how they wish they were going with them. Why doesn't one of them go with them? Both of them do do that sort of thing in later episodes.
  • Everyone's off duty shirts are pretty bad in this one ... I always say I like human fashions in the late 2250s in the Babylon 5 universe, with the hats and the scarves but ... now I'm not so sure
  • I just noticed for the very first time that Keffer is wearing Ray Gallus' flight suit in the scenes inside his Starfury. Excuse my crappy screenshot, but it definitely says "Ray Gallus" on his chest there:
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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