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Re: EpDis: The Geometry Of Shadows

The Geometry of Shadows is the first Babylon 5 episode I ever (sort of, partially) watched. I happened to catch part of it on the TV one night, but I was busy with other stuff so I didn't really see much of it, and it wasn't until later that I really got into it and started watching from the beginning on VHS. Still, I remember which episode it was, and I'm sort of fond of it for that reason, as well as the technomage thing.

I like the technomages, although I have so many questions about them that are never answered. I think I posted about that in some of the Crusade threads. Maybe if I read the books/comics I would know, but I have as of yet not gotten my hands on any technomage material.

I like the technomage aesthetics, especially Elric's outfit and general look. I like the general sort of magical quality about them.

I like the Centauri stuff that's going on in this episode as well. I always enjoy an appearance by the Refa character. He was great.

The purple/green stuff ... I have SO many questions about that, too. This is one of those episodes where I sit and watch and wonder how the Drazi are technologically advanced enough to go into space. But, that aside, the green/purple thing is a long tradition that is repeated every five years. It apparently transcends kinship ties or any kind of social grouping, which is REALLY weird. I understand that they are aliens, and thus shouldn't be expected to be organized in a way that makes sense to humans, but ... we've seen their planet, their cities (well not yet at this point in the story, but we will), and those cities are remarkably similar to human cities, their society doesn't seem all that different from ours. I just don't see this green/purple thing working at all, especially when they start actually killing each other. How coincidental that that starts happening the one year they have taken the fight to Babylon 5.....

All that said, the scene in council chambers, where Ivanova is trying to mediate, and wants to understand the nature of the conflict ...the facial expressions on those Drazi when they say "Purple!!" and "Green!" as though that explains everything ... still makes me laugh every time.

Stuff and things:
  • Is Londo's room fancier than it used to be?
  • Vir's offended look when Refa implies he and Londo can't speak freely in front of him is pretty great, and is followed by his look of absolute horror when Londo and Refa discuss overthrowing their government.
  • Why does Earthgov have any business meddling in the affairs of the technomages as they are leaving? They can control who immigrates into their jurisdiction, but why do they expect to be able to control emigration?
  • Why didn't Ivanova's page go through when she tried to call security?
  • Lou Welch fell for that fake call from Ivanova's link?? They really do need Garibaldi around the place ...
  • Does Garibaldi have a thing for the mid-20th century? Why is he so familiar with door-to-door sales pitches that ask for the "lady of the house"? He does also seem to like 20th century cartoons, so I'm going to go with "yes, yes he does"
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