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Re: EpDis: Points Of Departure

I can't remember what was on the VHS, but when it first aired on TV the first two episodes of season 2 definitely had season 1 Delenn in the credits. Just another reason why the DVDs suck.

Regarding how Clark knows, the JMS-written first issue of the comic explains this a little bit. (Spoilers, I guess.) After Chrysalis, Sinclair was recalled to Earth, and in the comic he goes to Earthdome and meets both Clark and Rathenn, who explains everything to him. Clark says he only found out about it when he took office, but that EarthGov had known at the time what had happened to Sinclair and had given permission for the Minbari to wipe his memory.

I think I'm right in saying that issue actually came out before Points of Departure aired, in the US? Although I remember buying it from the local comic shop, I'm sure I didn't read it until afterwards. Probably the best issue of the comic.
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