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Re: Who was the real star of the whole series?

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
Interesting question, but difficult to answer. For me, at least. If I were to aim for just answering the "who made the show really worth watching" part of the question, I'd have to go with the perhaps something boring "all of them together!".

Springer makes a great point about whose story this is. Londo is indeed involved in everything. Also, his is one hell of a character arc. Even so, I think B5 is still a story about humans and where they are going. But perhaps you need an "outsider" to tell the story of humanity.

If you had asked me who I think the real hero of the story is, I'd have a much easier time answering. I think it's Vir. He just seems like a legitimately good guy. He has to go against his upbringing and culture to do the right thing, and he does so successfully. Your definition of "hero" might differ from mine
The lack of a single central character who everything was built towards definitely helped B5 I would say and we had lots of characters with long and furfilling arcs.

I would personally say Vir is a bit more of an everyman than a central hero, the down to earth character that sees the story all the way though.

If you had to pick out a central hero I think it does obviously follow "the one" moving from Sinclair to Delenn and then Sheridan. Perhaps not in the way JMS ment it with Sinclair becoming Valen but I think the way he wrote season 1 Sinclair is a more obviously central character with Delenn reduced more to a Kosh like potentially teacher or holder of unknown knowledge. The switch to Sheridan seemed to come with a switch to Delenn having a larger more dramatic rather than mysterious role and you could argue earlt on she's the one driving the arc forward more directly. The switch from her to Sheridan being the One seems to be a bit more of a slower change arguably happening though season 3 and being complete by the time of his return in season 4. Maybe you could argue that Ivanova is built up a little in the finale as the character taking on this role somewhat for the future.

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