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I like this episode, not least because David Warner could read the phone book and I'd stand there with my mouth open, amazed. Such is the power of good acting (especially good English acting, and there's arguably none better in the English speaking world). I have to admit too that I'm a sucker for King Arthur references: I teach the stories all the time, from Malory to T.H. White, and one inimitable aspect they have is the power to morph and shift to remain relevant to very varied historical periods and cultures. It's a reason why "Late Delivery from Avalon" is also one of my favorites. And it does fit well with the B5 story line. The idea of the "true seeker"--the lonely individual who pursues his own agenda, regardless of party line, and ends up triumphing as a result--is so important not just to B5 but to JMS's general, romantic, and very out of fashion idea of the importance of the individual to history, that I can't resist it. Figures. I'm a sucker for Churchill for very much the same reasons, and JMS refers to him later in the series, too.
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