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Re: EpDis: By Any Means Necessary

Originally Posted by B5 in Oz View Post
Londo may have seemed over the top but I think it set the tone of the character and the demise of the Centauri as a master race?
That's a good point, from the beginning Londo was always a little over the top, larger than life, not just in his character but his clothing and his hair-do - that was part of the charm, and of course as the series progressed we got to know him more and were able to put his over-the-topness into context. So we accept it unconditionally as that's who Londo was, but I wonder how many people first watched The Gathering and Season 1 and thought that the guy with the hair really had to tone it down? (Not me, I hasten to add - I love over the top characters chewing scenery, it's entertaining)
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