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Re: EpDis: Babylon Squared

I remember as a kid, just 14 years old, I'd watch the last four or five episodes of season 1 on the VHS I'd recorded over and over again until season 2 began, those episodes seemed so epic to me. Babylon Squared and Chrysalis in particular were my favourites and while everything that was awesome about Chrysalis was there on screen, with Babylon Squared much of its greatness was inferred and I think that's both its great strength and weakness. The promise of seeing the flip-side of this story and a time when the galaxy is at war, as well as that giant battle on the station was tremendously exciting. Who was attacking? Why were they attacking? Would anyone survive? As a kid my imagination ran riot and the scenarios I imagined were far beyond what was possible with a TV show budget! With that in mind, WWE could never hope to meet my expectations, although WWE is pretty damn epic in its own right. But every time I watch Babylon Squared, it feels special, I remember what it felt like to watch it in 1994, and partly because of that it feels really unique – what the series could have been, and what I imagined it could be. Not that I'm complaining about how the series turned out, mind!
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