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Re: EpDis: By Any Means Necessary

Originally Posted by Dorvo View Post

The one drawback for me is Zento, not the character but the actor. He was waaay too over the top, a real cardboard villain. At the very end, when he sees how Sinclair has tricked him, I half expected him to snarl "curses! Foiled again!" and try to twirl his nonexistent mustache. If he's Earth's best labor negotiator, they are seriously screwed. Of course, that might have been the point, and the episode hints at it--if there are darker, authoritarian forces at work back on earth, they might engineer sending in the impossible to deal with asshole, since it's guaranteed to provoke exactly the kind of reaction you're hoping for.
It's interesting, I've seen several threads recently where people commented on how they thought a certain character was over the top (Orin Zento here, Ari Ben Zayn in "Eyes", Captain Pierce in "A Voice in the Wilderness"). I liked all of them exactly as they were. Apparently I have a thing for "over the top" characters
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