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Re: EpDis: Babylon Squared

Babylon Squared is a great episode. I love how it quietly sits right next to A Voice in the Wilderness, as though the two have nothing to do with each other Mostly I love how it shows us a glimpse of what is to come, and how it fits so seamlessly with WWE (OK, except for those details that couldn't quite line up). I do agree with Chilli that it would have lined up even better if there hadn't been any changes to the story as originally conceived, but I think it works out very well, and the way those three episodes play out together is one of my favorite things about Babylon 5.

The list of little things:
  • Sinclair is explaining how every Earth ship/station has a unique ID code, but whom is he explaining this to? Garibaldi? Presumably he already knows this. More likely it's to us, the audience and that's just the best way they could fit that exposition in there.
  • Those guards on B4 are the WORST. They're just standing there looking at each other as Zathras leaves the room, wait a few seconds, and then run after him.
  • Why isn't the triluminary glowing when Delenn holds her hand up against it?
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